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How to place an order in Hammond online store?
 1.Choosing goods
 1.1. Having found the item you were looking for, place the quantity of products you desire to buy in the box.    
 1.2. Click the “cart” icon beside the box to place the product into the cart.    
 1.3. Just click the link in the red box If you want to have a look at what you’ve already chosen and check if everything is correct.  
2. Placing order
 2.1. Fill out all required fields. Check over the total cost of the products and the contents of the cart.

You can add or remove the amount of a product by pushing “plus” or “minus” buttons near the quantity box.

You may add your wishes and preferences concerning the date and the place of delivery, as well as delivering company, into additional information field.

If you wish to buy more products, click "Back to catalogue", find your next item and click "Add to cart".
 2.2. All fields filled out, click Send button     
3.Getting and processing orders    
 3.1. After pressing the send button your order forwards to us. You will receive an invoice after we process your order. Order will be send to the postal address given after receiving the payment.


You have successfully completes the task! Order placed!



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