Tietoa (Suomeksi)

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Oil pastell, Maimeri
Oil colours in solid form, to pick up and hold between your fingers.
Classico fine oil pastels offer depth of tone and brightness comparable to quality oil paints. Their special composition is creamy and soft enough to permit lines and colours to be drawn on surfaces of all kinds. They can be thinned as required and blended on the surface using turpentine essence or oil essence to produce highly transparent colours and unusual effects, fixed even onto porous surfaces.
In addition to classic applications on paper and cardboard, these “oily” pastels are perfect for colouring in details on prepared canvases and plaster, or smooth wood and gesso board.
Of course the line produced is still the graphic, striated mark of a pastel, but it can be blended with essences to create an effect that is exactly the opposite, making this technique one of the most versatile and best-suited to contemporary tastes.
Excellent for sketches and layouts, Classico fine oil pastels are available in 48 exceptionally bright and lively colours.

Hard pastell, CretacoloR

Hard pastell, KOH-I-NOOR

Soft pastell, KOH-I-NOOR

Pastell pencils, KOH-I-NOOR

Pastell pencils, CretacoloR