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Glaas liner 29ml, HOBBY LINE C.Kreul
To draw the contours and thin
lines, combined with transparent
water based paints
GLASS COLOR and applicators

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Glass Paint 20ml, C.Kreul

Glaas liner Vetro 20ml, Maimeri

Glass Paint Vetro 60ml, Maimeri
Glass is synonymous with transparency, with light. Decorating glass means decorating the light that passes through it. Alongside the better-known, more complex techniques of colouring molten glass and creating stained glass windows, there are a number of fascinating traditional techniques for colouring glass cold, recently enriched by the new potential of today’s innovative materials. Idea glass colours are solvent-based because this is the only way to guarantee outstanding stability to light and adaptability to variations in temperature, achieving unrivalled durability. Painting on glass is traditionally as delicate and ephemeral as glass itself. At one time it was a very exclusive art, but today’s synthetic resins have made it more popular, now that it is easy to paint on any glass surface, including mirrors, as well as metal and stoneware, using a variety of decorative techniques.

Idea glass colours are highly versatile, for use with techniques permitting all types of decoration by both traditional and modern methods, with no exceptions. The thirteen transparent ready-to-use colours require some skill and experience for best results. The twelve water-based relief colours are soft and easy to work with, and dry rapidly. Decorating glass means building on fragility; it is a preference for intangibility, for the language of transparency.

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Glaas liner 20ml, C.Kreul
Contour paint in a convenient tube, to simulate lead, cementing pieces of glass in vitrage.

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Glass Paint 20ml, C.Kreul
For painting on glass, acrylic glass, metal, wood, different plastics. The color shades are lightfast, resistant to wiping and weatherproof .9 color shades are transparent, 6 color shades are opaque.
The colors dry without streaks, they flow evenly and are very brilliant.
After about 2 hours they are touch dry. Complete drying time is about 24 hours.
Especially recommended for indoor window pictures, panes and other transparent glass paintings.