Tietoa (Suomeksi)

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Water Colours "White Nights" 2,5ml
Artists watercolors paints represent thin-dispersed suspensions of pigments and stuff in binding agent. Water solution of the glue of vegetative origin-gum-arabic-is included into its content. A use of highly-gualitative components, established preparation technology provides excellent gualities of the paints-brightness and purity of color, high lightfatsness, wonderful spreading ability. Full ranges of watercolors of the "White Nights" series include 60 colors. Two kinds of artists? watercolors are produced: semi-dry paints in plastic with 2,5ml. volume; pasty paints in aluminum tubes with 5,3ml. volume. Artists? watercolors of "Ladoga" series are produced with use of modern bright, rich and light-fastened pigments. "Ladoga" series watecolor palette includes 26 denominations of paints. Watercolors are produced in 2 kinds:semi-dry paints in plastic pans with 2,5 ml. volume ; pasty paints in aluminum tubes with 5,3 ml. volume.